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Musizi will offer a competitive tuition based on the unique liberal arts and sciences education we provide.

The liberal arts and sciences education entails small student-to-faculty ratios, lecturers on a wide array of subjects, and individualized support.

We will offer this kind of education at a much more affordable cost than a liberal arts and sciences education abroad. We anticipate that our tuition would cost roughly 20% of the cost of comparable experiences abroad.

The tuition is still being determined and will be shared once finalized.


Musizi hopes to offer full and partially sponsored scholarships for admitted students demonstrating financial need. We will determine financial need through financial information submitted by those who are seeking financial aid. More information will be available once our admissions process opens.

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Musizi University


We are looking for students who are bright, passionate, curious, hard working, and seek to make an impact in the world. Regardless of whether you studied the Ugandan national or international curriculum, you are welcome here at Musizi. We value diversity and appreciate how much students from diverse backgrounds enrich everyone’s learning: international students are also welcome!

A holistic admissions process.

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Musizi will use a holistic admissions process where we evaluate each applicant based on several facets including the following:

  • Exam scores
  • Secondary school transcript
  • Extracurriculars
  • Essays
  • Recommendation letters
  • Interview
  • Portfolio (optional)