5 African students standing in a cascaded line with the girl in front holding a green notebook


Who are we?

We are an upcoming private liberal arts and sciences university in Uganda that will equip students with the skills, knowledge, and empathy to transform their communities, Africa, and the world.

Much like the tree its name is derived from, Musizi University students will be taught to aspire to be the Musizi trees of their communities. We hope that students will become aware of who they are, understand the world’s challenges, and be ready to take initiative for the world around them to thrive.

African girl with a hologram globe in the palm of her hand

Our Mission

To foster independent thinkers driven by empathy.

Our Vision

A triumphant Africa serving as an inspiration for the world.

What makes us different?

Liberal arts & sciences

At Musizi, we take an interdisciplinary approach to learning that enables students to think and act flexibly across various fields of study.

The liberal arts and sciences education is the most powerful and appropriate mode of learning to equip students with the competencies and knowledge required to tackle today’s challenges. It also enables students to explore several potential majors before declaring their major at the end of the first year.

During the first year...

...students will take a set of core classes that will expose them to both science, social sciences, and the arts and serve as their interdisciplinary foundation for the rest of their time at Musizi in their major courses.

The Obuntu Bulamu lifestyle

The Musizi student will not only cultivate the mind but also the heart. Through studying about local and global challenges as well as indigenous knowledge, such as the humanistic ethos of Obuntu Bulamu, the Musizi student deeply cares for others and strives to make a difference for the benefit of all, not just the few.

Project-based learning

Each course at Musizi is structured as a project-based learning course where students learn by doing. As students work on a project, they will acquire the necessary theories and skills for completing their inquiry rather than learning the theories out of context. For instance, one project that all students will engage in will be entrepreneurship through starting and running their own small business.

At Musizi, we are educated now and for the future. We will conduct research relevant to the UN’s sustainable development goals, and through our classes, we will explore what kind of action we can take to fight against climate change and to create a more sustainable world.

What does Musizi mean?

The Musizi tree is a native tree of Uganda. Because of its tall height, one might expect it to weed out competition for nutrients and sunlight, but it’s quite the opposite actually. Musizi means “the sowing tree” in Luganda because it supports and protects life and allows smaller plants to blossom by providing adequate sunlight and shade.

Forest trees with mountain in background from a high view